Washburn 1991 N4 - Alder -

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Washburn 1991 N4 - Alder -

Postby nl_ffx » Thu 15 Sep 2011, 11:54


Rare Davies1991 Washburn N4

Nuno Bettencourt Signature guitar
Currently Bidding on Ebay link

Serial number is 910909 and it's in a super condition!

This guitar was made by Davies and his team in 1991, they also made Nuno's original number one guitar!

These N4's are very much sought after and have a real Mojo about them.


I'm the second owner and had it always in its case.

This guitar looks superb and I've seen and owned a couple of these guitars to know that,

they way it looks and plays, this makes an unique guitar.

Technically it is perfect state, needs a set-up and there are some small cosmetic things I've to mention

otherwise you would think it is brand new if you were only looking at the pictures.

There is a shallow scratch at the front of the body, not deep into the wood.

At the bridge area there are some spots which you can only see from close distance.

I would describe as drops of varnish or grease, I tried to photograph them

but since these drops are transparant it is very hard to have them in a picture.

These 1991 Washburn N4's won't show up on Ebay that often,

this is really a great opportunity for collectors and players who appreciate quality guitars!

Comes in its case together with the tremelo-bar.

Shippingcosts for the buyer. Buyer is responsible for taxes.

Since I'm a private person I cannot give any guarantees and returns are not possible.

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